1991 Del Amo Blvd warehouse development in Torrance

Four 3,500-4,000 sq. feet warehouses. Roll up doors. Plenty of parking.  Construction starting in 2019/2020.

  • Unit-1:  Warehouse= 2,990 sf.    Office= 1,300 sf.
  • Unit-2: Warehouse= 2,580 sf.     Office= 1,200 sf.
  • Unit-3: Warehouse= 3,115 sf.      Office = 1,300 sf.
  • Unit-4: Warehouse= 2,605 sf.      Office = 1,200 sf.

All warehouses are solar ready.
Office and warehouse will have HVAC
Completely finished. Office buildout. Bathrooms. Ligthing. Outlets. Gas.
Open ceilings in offices.
Plenty of skylights in warehouse

If interested please contact John (john@eastbiz.com).

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